Design for Manufacturing - Turnkey Support

From Receipt of Design Data Through Shipment of Assembled FPC

To facilitate new product introductions and ramp to volume requirements, we work with our customers to refine their designs for Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) and flex assembly technology.

  • Designing for FPC fabrication
  • Circuit routing and interconnect configurations (standard geometries or HDI)
  • Via interconnect design
    • Micro vias
    • Blind vias
    • Buried vias
    • Through hole vias
  • Construction / Stack up
    • Thick-to-thin transition zones
    • Flexible-to-rigid transition zones
    • Layer count, circuit location and bonding schemes
  • Panelization to support
    • Cost
    • Assembly
    • Electrical test (FPC & FPCA)

  • Designing for FPC assembly
  • Soldering, ACF/ACA, wire bonding, direct chip attach
  • Pad design for the selected process
  • End metal chips, leaded configurations, land grid array, BGA, LCC, power pad connections, etc.
  • Customized bends, folds and reinforcements
  • Assembly materials selection
  • Custom process development

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