MFLEX Mission, Vision & Values

Customer Centric Vision, Mission & Values

Customer Focused / Engineering Driven

Our Vision

To be recognized as the supplier of choice, the leader in quality and technology, and the worldwide benchmark for excellence.

Our Mission

To be a global leader in providing electronics products packaging technology and manufacturing solutions, by utilizing our core technologies in advanced flexible printed circuits and assemblies in order to grow our company and create value for our stakeholders.

Our Values

Our Values are the fundamental beliefs that guide our global organization. They influence the way we serve our customers, the way we work with each other and the way we engage with our communities.

Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and integrity are the pillars of our corporate governance.  We act with the highest integrity and are guided by rigorous ethical standards.

Commitment to Customers

Our internal and external customers are our primary focus.  We deliver the best, highest quality products and services in all aspects of our work on a global scale. We treat our customers as business partners, tailoring our services to be a partner throughout the life cycle of their products in order to achieve mutual goals and promote mutual success.

Respect for Colleagues

Our colleagues are our most valued asset.  We create an environment in which everyone can achieve personal and professional satisfaction, develop a challenging career with opportunities for growth, rewards, and a balance between work and home life.

Performance and Accountability

We continuously strive for high performance and accountability, creating value in all our endeavors as a primary source of staying competitive.  We are committed to learning from both success and failure and using that learning for continuous growth, improvement, and long-term success for ourselves and our customers.

Innovation and Quality

Innovation and quality are the foundation of our competitiveness, customer satisfaction, and the continued success of us and our customers. We strive continuously to communicate with and provide our customers with the highest-quality, most innovative solutions, and will not be limited by and will continuously challenge and not accept the status quo.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We encourage and foster a proactive, entrepreneurial spirit throughout the company. We approach each challenge and every customer with confidence, focus, passion, initiative, and a sense of ownership.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Our success depends on our ability to build trusting relationships, to work cooperatively and collaboratively as a team, and to embrace diverse perspectives and ideas from all colleagues and all of our customers.

Community Citizenship

We encourage and support the active involvement by all colleagues in our respective communities and recognize that our citizenship is an integral part of our success.




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