Our Solutions


Next level assembly incorporating FPC onto frames, around fixtures or into housings. MFLEX will integrate a fully tested and functional FPC assembly into a next level assembly. Methods such as adhesive bonding, heat staking and laser welding / soldering are used to integrate the FPC into the next level assembly to create a higher functional module.


MFLEX will manufacture the FPC, assembly the LCD driver, manufacture the touch panel and assemble all components together onto the LCD to create a functional LCD module. Combined with MFLEX’s expertise on flexible circuits and DSBJ’s extensive process knowledge on Cover Glass, LCD and Touch Panels; together we can provide an efficient, high quality, one stop solution for LCD modules.

Wireless Charging Coils

Using FPC materials and processing methods to create receiver coils which result in a thin, high efficiency receiver coil for your wireless power charging needs. Utilizing FPC allows for highly customized coils (thickness and shape). FPC processing enables large quantity of coils to be manufactured simultaneously as well as different coil designs on the same substrate.

Specialty Circuits

Flex circuits which are very long (1 meter +) using polyimide.  Etched aluminum circuits and thick copper for power distribution and sensing.  Let MFLEX’s flexible manufacturing create unique solutions to meet your design needs.